Construction cleaning Canberra

The Intense cleaning in Canberra specialises in construction cleaning of your commercial or residential space.Construction cleaning requires intense and rigorous removal of construction waste.


Highly Skilled and trained Professionals

We make sure that your building is perfectly clean and presentable during the course of construction in Canberra.Our cleaning professionals are highly skilled and trained to deliver highest quality of construction cleaning services in Canberra.

Commercial & Domestic Construction Cleaning Services in Canberra

We at the Intense cleaning largely deal in commercial and domestic on site cleaning in Canberra.We ensure a completely clean and tidy site presence making it ready for client viewing.


Site cleaning requires usage of heavy electrical appliances for a completely finished and clean commercial premises.Our cleaning professionals are highly skilled and trained to use all heavy appliances for Commercial construction Cleaning.

High Intense cleaning for best post construction cleanings in Canberra

Once the site construction is complete it requires rigorous and intense cleaning of the construction site.Construction wastes are highly hazardous and need to be properly disposed off after the construction is complete.We provide high intense cleaning for the best post construction cleaning in Canberra.

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In case you are looking for the best cleaners in Canberra for your residential or commercial site,feel free to call us at 0470201496 for free quotes.Our professional will get in touch with you for an immediate service.